In 2012, Ocean Course Film’s Director of Photography Caroline Ryan encouraged director Otino Corsano to transform his primarily print and web-based art interviews into an art film. Hovering between the traditional art documentary and Corsano’s specific brand of artist interviews, this video project captures his conversations with a selection of contemporary Canadian artists in a unique light.

Without a set goal, the original footage has aged well and becomes more significant in direct proportion to the increase of production time infusing the project with more critical distance.  

“The incorporation of interviews as a facet of my New Genres art practice has been the source of significant misunderstanding. I am still recognized as an ‘art critic’ although I have never written a single exhibition review. 

I am immensely grateful to Jeff Hamill who has transformed this archival footage into movie magic through his impeccable editing skills.”

- Otino Corsano 2017

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